About the Project
Client: Maxwell Janczak
Business Name: Maxwell Physical Therapy, LLC
Maxwell Physical Therapy, LLC is a privately owned home health physical therapy company founded by Maxwell Janczak, a dedicated professional with a passion for patient-centered care. The brand aims to redefine the physical therapy experience by prioritizing individualized treatment, commitment to patients, and evidence-based practice.
Brand Strategy
The brand's core values of patient commitment, teamwork, evidence-based practice, dedication, and passion underpin its mission to provide the best physical therapy care in the area, never to be publicly owned, and to restore respect to the profession of physical therapy.
Maxwell Physical Therapy's target audience spans across demographics and includes pediatric patients with gross motor delays, medical diagnoses, and birth defects, as well as adults seeking neurological rehabilitation or orthopedic/sports medicine treatments.
What sets Maxwell Physical Therapy apart from its competitors is its commitment to one-on-one sessions with licensed physical therapists, no productivity expectations, and the emphasis on patient outcomes over profits. Additionally, Maxwell's background as a treating academic and educator at Northwestern University adds credibility to the brand's expertise.
In terms of aesthetic preferences, the brand draws inspiration from iconic brands like Disney, Nike, and Northwestern Medicine, aiming for a simple yet memorable logo and a color palette featuring purple, orange, and blue.
Ultimately, Maxwell Physical Therapy seeks to embody its tagline, "Movement is Medicine," offering personalized physical therapy treatments that prioritize the well-being and mobility of each patient.
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