Brand: Accuweather
AccuWeather Inc. is an American media company that provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide. They are one of America’s most popular weather apps, with over 100m downloads on the Google Play store alone.
So what’s the problem?
The weather app market is a crowded one and most consumers don’t think much about the brand they are using.
Come up with a data-driven idea to get people to think of Accuweather as the go-to weather app
The Proposition
When it comes to weather, accuracy is everything
The idea must use data in a creative way.
The data you use is up to you. The obvious data to use would be the weather data available on Accuweather itself, but you can also find it in more unexpected places. Twitter, TikTok, the sales numbers of umbrellas during thunderstorms.
This brief is not about listing statistics, it’s about using data to bring a big idea to life.
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