As the Senior Creative Director of the NIL Store and Senior Director of the Student Designer Program, I was approached by CAA Sports with a unique challenge: to develop and launch apparel campaigns for three prominent influencers they represented. This comprehensive project required my expertise in creative direction and product design to bring each influencer's vision to life.
CAA Sports sought to leverage the growing influence of social media personalities to create distinct and marketable apparel collections. Each influencer had a unique brand identity and audience, requiring a tailored approach to ensure the success of their campaigns.
My Role
In this project, I led the creative direction and product design from inception to launch, encompassing several key phases:
1. Discovery Calls:
- Conducted initial discussions with each influencer to understand their brand, style preferences, and goals for the apparel line.
- Identified key themes and elements that would resonate with their audience.
2. Sketching and Design Development:
- Created initial sketches and design concepts based on the insights gathered.
- Collaborated with the influencers to refine designs, ensuring they aligned with their vision and brand identity.
3. Design Changes and Iterations:
- Managed multiple rounds of feedback and revisions to perfect the designs.
- Ensured each piece met the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.
4. Launch Strategy:
- Developed a comprehensive launch strategy that included marketing tactics, promotional activities, and timeline coordination.
Strategized on how to create maximum impact and engagement during the launch.
5. Scheduling:
- Coordinated with various teams and stakeholders to ensure timely progress and meet deadlines.
Managed the workflow efficiently to avoid any delays in the project timeline.
6. E-Commerce Website Development:
- Oversaw the creation of e-commerce websites for each campaign.
- Ensured the online stores were user-friendly, visually appealing, and aligned with the influencers' branding.
Christine Jennifer Peng-Peng Lee is a retired Canadian artistic gymnast. She was a member of the Canadian team that qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics and committed to attend UCLA after the Olympics, where she led UCLA to a comeback win at the 2018 NCAA National Championship. Lee prefers using her Chinese name, Peng Peng. Peng Peng Lee turned gymnasts into Tik Tok sensation and has close to 4 million followers on TikTok. Peng Peng team came to Campus Ink wanting to create a merch collection that represented Peng Pengs personality. 
The Reaction Video: A Defining Moment
One of the most memorable moments of this campaign was Peng Peng’s reaction video on YouTube, where she unboxed and reviewed the final merch collection. This video was more than just an unboxing; it was a genuine display of her excitement and satisfaction with the final products. Peng Peng’s enthusiasm was palpable, and her positive reaction provided a heartfelt endorsement of the collection.
The Playful Penguin Sweatsuit
For the first design, we focused on Peng Peng’s younger audience. This sweatsuit is a playful and vibrant representation of her fun-loving personality. At Peng Peng’s request, we incorporated various penguins throughout the sweatsuit, each displaying different emotions. This unique touch adds a whimsical element that resonates with her younger fans and highlights Peng Peng’s creativity and connection to her followers.
Design Elements:
Penguins with Emotions: Scattered across the sweatsuit are penguins showcasing a range of emotions, from joyful and excited to thoughtful and curious. This not only adds visual interest but also engages the younger audience in a playful manner.
Color Palette: Bright and cheerful colors were chosen to enhance the fun and energetic vibe of the design.
The Classic Tie-Dye Set
The second design in the Peng Pack Collections is a tie-dye set that appeals to fans who prefer a more classic and versatile look. This set features Peng Peng’s nickname, “Peng Peng,” subtly integrated into the design. The tie-dye pattern adds a trendy and timeless element, making it suitable for a broader audience.
Design Elements:
Nickname Integration: The name “Peng Peng” is artistically embedded within the tie-dye pattern, providing a personal touch without overpowering the design.
Tie-Dye Aesthetics: The use of soft, pastel tie-dye colors gives the set a relaxed and stylish look, perfect for everyday wear.
Generating Buzz and Engagement
To build anticipation and excitement for the Peng Pack Collections, Peng Peng Lee strategically utilized her social media platforms. Through a series of engaging teasers and posts, she successfully captured the attention of her vast follower base and generated significant buzz around the launch.
Nia Dennis X Wear Your Crown Proud
Viral Gymnastics Sensation, “NiaNation” Aspires To Inspire. Her Debut On The Met Gala Red Carpet Was A Cultural Moment! Flanked By The 30-person Brooklyn United Marching Band, While Wearing A Patriotic Stella McCartney For Adidas Bodycon Jumpsuit That Highlighted Her Athletic Silhouette, Nia Easily Went From Gymnastics Routine To Red Carpet Glamour With The Addition Of A Blue Rhinestone Net Layer Gown, That Transformed The Recent UCLA Grad Into An Even Bigger Internet Sensation!
Nia's team asked me to create a collection that represented everything she is about. She uses the term "Wear Your Crown Proud" to inspire her audience to be confident in all walks of life.
Davion Mitchell x Trust Your Work
The apparel collection for Davion Mitchell embodies a fusion of sophisticated art direction and dynamic graphic design, reflecting his esteemed stature. Incorporating the emblematic '912' to pay homage to his roots, each piece exudes a sense of pride and connection to his origins. Coupled with his empowering slogan, "Trust Your Work," the collection not only celebrates Mitchell's journey but also inspires individuals to embrace diligence and self-belief. From sleek typography to bold visual elements, every design element is meticulously crafted to resonate with his persona and resonate with fans worldwide, encapsulating Mitchell's essence in every stitch and print.
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