About the Project
Client: Jordan Mellovitz & Matthew Grens
Business Name: 3Edgewood
Services: Logo Design, Visual Identity, Marketing Materials
3Edgewood is a private investment firm specializing in real estate. We seek out quality assets that require flexible capital solutions or repositioning. With expertise across various asset classes, we offer both opportunistic and long-term value investing opportunities. In addition to traditional equity investments, we also engage in mezzanine positions and note purchases.
Brand Strategy
Working closely with 3Edgewood, I led a creative journey aimed at visually representing the essence of this prestigious investment firm. Our goal was clear: to capture 3Edgewood's spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in a way that connects with its audience.
We chose colors like navy, royal, and hunter green to convey a sense of confidence and sophistication, reflecting the firm's reputation. These colors formed the basis of our design, giving everything we created a strong and polished look.
The 3Edgewood logo, with its intertwined '3' and 'E', became the symbol of the brand's ability to navigate complex investments effortlessly.
To add depth and contrast, we introduced classic black and white into our palette, giving our designs a timeless feel.
Throughout the project, my focus was on creating a cohesive visual story that not only honored 3Edgewood's reputation but also set the stage for its future success. By blending tradition and innovation, our designs spoke volumes about 3Edgewood's commitment to excellence, establishing it as a leader in its field.
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