Montgomery Riverfront Apparel
On August 5, 2023, a large-scale altercation took place at the riverfront dock in downtown MontgomeryAlabama. The incident gained significant media attention due to its violent nature, the racial undertones, and Montgomery's racially charged history.
I was scrolling Tik Tok and saw a video of a creator by the name Errinn Whitney telling graphic designers to create a cool shirt that includes the term FAFO and a folding chair. FAFO was an acronym that became a viral term used about the Montgomery Riverfront brawl. 

The results
I messaged Erinn a day later and said I was going to start a limited run of these shirts and she loved the design so much that she decided to post on Tik Tok telling people to purchase the shirts. Less than 24 hours later there were 20k views, 64 comments, and 200 shirts purchased. 
Behind the Design
For the design I started by first looking up the history of the folding chair. On July 7, 1911, Nathaniel Alexander patented a folding chair whose main innovation was including a book rest. I decided to include the patent of the folding chair along with the acronym Fafo. I wanted to create a collection that could be worn anywhere. 
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