About the Project
 Lowell Hutchinson
Business Name: The Flower Hutch
The Flower Hutch, founded by Lowell Hutchinson, is a floral and plant design business with a distinct focus on sustainability and natural beauty. Specializing in fresh floral bouquets, outdoor garden boxes, container gardens, and interior plant design, The Flower Hutch embraces a cottage core aesthetic while prioritizing eco-friendly practices.

Brand Strategy
The brand's name, "The Flower Hutch," is a nod to Hutchinson's last name and evokes images of lush gardens and nature intertwining with domestic spaces. Hutchinson's passion for gardening and floral arranging, fostered by his grandmother from a young age, has evolved into a business rooted in storytelling and eco-feminist principles.
The vision for The Flower Hutch encompasses long-term goals of expanding into perennial garden design, rooftop gardens, and offering educational classes on floral arranging and sustainable practices. Ultimately, the brand aspires to become a trusted resource for individuals seeking to enhance their indoor and outdoor spaces with sustainable, beautiful designs.
Core values such as sustainability, beauty, education, and joy shape The Flower Hutch's identity, reflected in its tagline "floral garden design." Described in adjectives such as natural, soft, earthy, and elegantly rustic, the brand appeals to clients who share its values and appreciate its unique aesthetic.
In a competitive landscape populated by businesses like Ki House, Asrai Garden, and Fleur, The Flower Hutch stands out with its emphasis on sustainability, diverse offerings in floral design for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and Hutchinson's expertise and artistic vision.
Aesthetically, The Flower Hutch draws inspiration from brands like Lucy Hunter, Floret, and Blue Jasmine, favoring elegant, rustic tones and soft, earthy palettes. With a preference for earth tones, greens, browns, creams, and soft pastel blues and purples, the brand's visual identity resonates with its commitment to nature and beauty.
The Flower Hutch's logo will primarily be used on its website, bouquets, card messages, and business cards, serving as a visual representation of its ethos and aesthetic.
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