Meta x Campus Ink Partnership
Platform: Instagram (Meta)
Launch Date: Cyber Monday, Nov. 28
Team: Steven Farag, Sean Ellenby, Molly Pffeifer, Molly Pfeiffer Broc Anthony

Skills Demonstrated
- Creative Merchandising
- Social Media Integration
- Digital Marketing
- E-commerce Optimization
- Brand Storytelling
- Collaboration
As Art Director behind the Campus Ink and Meta partnership activation, I had the unique opportunity to lead a groundbreaking project that redefined the way college athletes market and sell their custom merchandise on Instagram. This initiative was not just about selling apparel; it was about leveraging digital platforms to tell compelling stories and forge deeper connections with fans. 
My Role
Athlete Collaboration:
Worked closely with each athlete to deeply understand their vision, personal brand, and unique story, ensuring the merchandise authentically represented them​​​​​​​.
Art Creation:
Led the entire creative process from concept to completion, developing custom artwork that resonated with the athletes’ narratives and brand identity.
Launch Strategy:
Strategized and coordinated with the marketing director to meticulously plan and execute the launch for each athlete. Ensured that the timing was optimal to maximize engagement and impact.
Innovation and Problem-Solving:
Identified and addressed challenges in real-time, from design iterations to logistical hurdles, ensuring the project stayed on track and met its goals.
The Essence of the Partnership
In this collaboration, we aimed to blend the creative merchandising expertise of Campus Ink with Meta's expansive social media ecosystem. Our goal was to empower athletes to become entrepreneurs, using Instagram's shoppable posts feature to seamlessly transition their followers from engagement to purchase, directly within the app.
Featured Athletes

We carefully selected a diverse group of top college athletes, included in the activation are Flau’jae Johnson (LSU women’s basketball), Emily Cole (Duke cross country/track & field), Sydney Stephens (Illinois soccer), Mac Crone (Alabama soccer), Corey Friedenbach (San Diego State track & field), Skyy Clark (Illinois men’s basketball), Kamani Johnson (Arkansas men’s basketball), Cam Thompson (Purdue baseball), Jake Grandison (Duke men’s basketball) and Caleb Murphy (DePaul men’s basketball). 
Revolutionizing Merchandising through Social Media
Our strategy hinged on integrating shoppable posts within Instagram, simplifying the buyer's journey from product discovery to checkout. This not only provided unparalleled convenience for fans but also offered our athletes a direct channel to monetize their personal brands and connect with their audience on a deeper level.
Creative Merchandise Concepts
The merchandise we developed ranged from vintage-inspired designs to modern aesthetics, with some athletes choosing to infuse their gear with powerful personal messages. I led the creative direction for these collections, ensuring each piece authentically represented the athlete's story and resonated with their fans.
Emotional Connection & Storytelling
At the heart of our project was the belief that true retail success comes from storytelling and emotional engagement. We didn't just create merchandise; we crafted narratives that fans could wear proudly, knowing they were supporting more than just an athlete—they were supporting a journey.
Outcome & Impact
Scheduled to launch on Cyber Monday, this activation is poised to transform athlete merchandising. We anticipate not only significant sales figures but also an increase in athlete-fan engagement, setting a new benchmark for how athletes can leverage social media to build their brands and connect with their audiences.
This project has been a pivotal step in reimagining athlete merchandising. By combining creative storytelling with innovative social media strategies, we've created a blueprint for the future—a future where athletes are empowered to share their stories, connect with fans, and succeed as entrepreneurs in the digital age.
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