Project Overview
In 2022, I was approached by Nike to revamp the logo for Students Run Chicago (SRC) and create apparel designs for the Chicago Marathon. SRC is an inspiring program that pairs high school students with volunteer running leaders, promoting goal-setting, character development, adult mentoring, and improved health through a comprehensive mentor-based running program. This collaboration aimed to create a fresh and impactful visual identity for SRC, encapsulating their mission and the spirit of the Chicago Marathon.
Revamp SRC Logo: Create a modern and dynamic logo that reflects the energy and mission of Students Run Chicago.
Apparel Design: Develop a line of apparel for the 2022 Chicago Marathon, ensuring it resonates with both students and mentors participating in the program.
Brand Alignment: Ensure the new logo and apparel align with Nike's brand ethos and quality standards.
Research and Insights
Understanding the core values and mission of SRC was crucial. Through discussions with SRC leaders and Nike representatives, I gathered insights on what the logo should represent:
Empowerment and Growth: The logo needed to symbolize the personal and athletic growth students experience.
Community and Mentorship: Highlight the supportive network of mentors and peers.
Dynamic and Energetic: Reflect the dynamic nature of running and the vibrant energy of youth.
Logo Development
Concept Exploration: Multiple sketches and concepts were created to explore different visual interpretations of SRC’s mission.
Feedback Loop: Iterative feedback sessions with SRC and Nike ensured alignment with their vision.
Final Design: The chosen design incorporated elements symbolizing forward movement, unity, and growth.
Apparel Design
Material Selection: High-quality, performance-driven materials were chosen to ensure comfort and functionality for marathon participants.
Visual Elements: The new logo was prominently featured on all apparel, along with motivational slogans and vibrant colors to inspire runners.
Inclusivity: Designs catered to a diverse group of participants, including various sizes and fits.
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