Design and Branding
Iconic Designs, Unmatched Quality
Led the creation of core products, limited releases, and special merchandise, driving a  increase in customer engagement. Developed a comprehensive guide for overseas manufacturing, ensuring a reduction in production costs while maintaining top-tier quality.
Behind the Brand
As a child growing up in sports the idea is always to become the best at that respective sport and try and make it to the highest level. Maybe your reason for doing this sport is to help your family out, give yourself a better life or make your city proud. The Urban Champs brand is an initiative that is aimed at young people and adults looking to support their “Urban Champ” no matter sport, race, or sex. As you continue to excel in your sport, you never forget where it all started.

focused on ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in our products. I meticulously worked on color matching Pantones with university colors, ensuring seamless integration with our manufacturers. This precision was crucial in maintaining the integrity of each school's brand identity. Additionally, I spearheaded the development of our official jerseys, leading multiple rounds of design and refinement to perfect the product. My efforts ensured that each jersey not only met but exceeded industry standards, positioning Urban Champs as a leader in the collegiate merchandise market.
Strategic Partnerships
Urban Champs x Campus Ink​​​​​​​
Collaborated with Campus Ink to integrate Urban Champs into their white-label platforms, extending our reach to over 50 universities and 200 retail partners. This partnership fueled creativity and commerce, ensuring quick turnaround times and minimal inventory risk for retailers.
Urban Champs x NIL Store
Urban Champs is Campus Ink's private label brand that is the only NIL Jersey brand in the country. We work with universities to create fashion and replica-style jerseys for all sports. From football to softball, hockey, and more, we are able to offer teams a holistic NIL jersey solution. 
Urban Champs x Illinois NIL Store​​​​​​​
Urban Champs x Tally Strip
We've collaborated to design and produce exclusive staff jerseys that embody the spirit and energy of Tally Strip. These jerseys feature high-quality, breathable fabric for comfort and durability, and incorporate Tally Strip’s iconic colors and logo. Each jersey was customized with the staff member’s name and role, adding a personal touch.
Urban Champs x Bufords Austin
Teamed up to create exclusive hockey and basketball jerseys that capture the essence of Buford's vibrant and dynamic spirit. Hockey jerseys are crafted from premium, durable materials. Featuring Buford's iconic colors and logo, these jerseys offer a perfect blend of style and functionality.
Urban Champs x Bulleit Whiskey
In celebration of Bulleit Whiskey's company hockey game, we've crafted exclusive hockey jerseys that showcase the brand's iconic green and orange colors, representing the distinct labels of their renowned whiskeys.
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