One School Advertising Portfolio Program
Company: One School US
Year: September '23 - February '24

I recently participated in the One School Advertising Portfolio Program, an exclusive initiative designed to elevate Black creatives in the advertising industry. Selected as one of 15 participants, I had the opportunity to refine my art direction and creative skills through intensive coursework and real-world projects. Graduating as the Top Honor Student of the Fall Chicago 23 Cohort, this experience significantly enhanced my capabilities in strategic thinking, innovative design, and effective storytelling, preparing me for leadership roles in the creative industry.
Client: Telfar
Category: Social 

BACKGROUND: Telfar is the fashion brand started by designer, Telfar Clemens. It has exploded in popularity over the last few years with 2020 being their most successful year ever. Driven by their brand line “not for you, for everyone” Telfar is rewriting the rules of the fashion industry and fast becoming a global powerhouse brand.

YOUR TASK: Come up with a social first, attention grabbing idea that makes Telfar the most talked about brand at next year’s New York Fashion Week that embodies Telfar’s purpose “not for you, for everyone”
YOUR AUDIENCE: Fashion forward GenZ/Millenials who spend lots of time on social.
CONSIDERATIONS: Social platforms and their functions must be an integral part of your idea. But using them in an interesting and original way is key. Your idea has to show how you’ll use social to reach an audience that would traditionally be overlooked by the industry.
Client: WNBA / nike
Category: pr

BACKGROUND: Nike recently announced that it was becoming an equity investor in the WNBA in an effort to “ to grow the league by deepening WNBA storytelling to create more visibility for WNBA athletes and bring more girls into basketball through additional grassroots opportunities.
Your Task: Come up with an experiential idea for Nike that encourages young girls to get into basketball.
Deliverables: A big PR-worthy idea
Considerations:  People have to be able to interact with your idea in real life.

Client: Telfar
Category: Social 

BACKGROUND: Spotify is the world’s most popular audio platform. And though they reinvented the music industry and have become the go-to destination for music for hundreds of millions of listeners, they are only just getting started in the world of audiobooks.
Task: Create an audio experience that lets the world know that Spotify is now the go-to destination for audiobooks.
Your idea can exist in any medium, but audio must play an integral part of the execution.

Category: Social 

BACKGROUNDLaunched in 2017, Liquid Death is a water brand with a cult following due to their “punk” brand voice and approach to marketing. They are now one of the fastest growing water brands in the country with sales over $50 million a year. They have also made climate change and the move away from plastic a central part of their brand story.

Create a PR moment for Liquid Death that highlights their anti-plastic pollution, pro-Earth stance.
Your idea should be bold enough to create news headlines for the brand.

Category: Social 

BACKGROUND Pedigree is one of the world’s leading dog food brands and has been committed to helping dogs find new homes for years with campaigns around the world as part of their annual adoption drive.​​​​​​​

Problem: The number of dogs that were adopted spiked during the pandemic, but now the shelters are filling up again meaning that many dogs are going without homes.
Your Task: Come up with an innovative idea/product that helps dogs get adopted.
Deliverables: You can use existing tech in new ways, you can invent new prototype solutions, maybe your idea doesn’t use any tech at all.  Your idea can take place in the physical world or digital or both but the goal must be to help dogs get adopted.

Client: accuweather
Category: data dRIVEN

AccuWeather Inc. is an American media company that provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide. They are one of America’s most popular weather apps, with over 100m downloads on the Google Play store alone.

The weather app market is a crowded one and most consumers don’t think much about the brand they are using.

Your Task: Come up with a data-driven idea to get people to think of Accuweather as the go-to weather app
The Proposition: When it comes to weather, accuracy is everything
Considerations: Your idea must use data in a creative way. The data you use is up to you. The obvious data to use would be the weather data available on Accuweather itself, but you can also find it in more unexpected places. Twitter, TikTok, the sales numbers of umbrellas during thunderstorms.​​​​​​​

Client: Extinction Rebellion
Category: mOONSHOT

Extinction Rebellion is a decentralized, international, and politically nonpartisan movement using non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to persuade governments to act justly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.
But while their goals are important, Extinction Rebellion has been accused of being mostly White and middle class and making little effort to include activities from Black and Brown communities.
Your task: Come up with an idea that inspires Gen Zers to join the extension rebellion.
Considerations: Look at the stunts XR has done previously to get a sense of their tone. Your idea should be the kind of thing that would generate news headlines and inspire the young black community to become climate activists.
Your idea can use any medium/channel. It can be integrate or sone single execution.
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